Labour up 4% in one Scottish poll – but down 10% in another

March 14th, 2005

A very confused picture of what is happening north of the border has emerged from two almost totally contradictory opinion polls.

One survey by System 3 in the Sunday Herald has the following with changes from the last survey in February LAB 46(+4): SNP 23(+1): CON 16%(+1): LD 13%(-2).

But another survey by Scottish Opinion in the Sunday Mail has the following: LAB 38(-10): SNP 16 (-4), LD 23 (+12), CON 15 (-3).

So every party that is going up in System 3 is going down with Scottish Opinion. The biggest gap is with the Lib Dems. Just 13% in one poll yet almost twice the share with the other.

Scottish Opinion interviewed 504 people by phone across Scotland from Tuesday to Friday last week.

    Confused? We are.

But this has happened before. In February there was a System 3 poll which seemed to contradict a YouGov survey.

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