Can you predict the public’s reaction to the cuts packages?

October 11th, 2010
What will the Guardian’s November ICM poll be showing?
A Labour lead of 5% or above
A Labour lead of 3-4%
A Labour lead of 1-2%
The Tories and Labour level pegging
A Tory lead of 1-2%
A Tory lead of 3-4%
A Tory lead of 5% or above

What are next month’s polls going to look like?

Just over a week to go before the coalition’s big statement on how its going to achieve its ambitions to cut back public expenditure. With Labour having its new youthful leader can what’s going to happen to the polls? Specifically can you make a guess on what the Guardian’s November ICM poll will show.

Here’s your chance to try to make a prediction.

We are entering into uncharted territory and nobody can really predict what the reaction will be – but make a guess. Let’s see how PBers view the prospect.

Mike Smithson