Obama edges ahead of Clinton in new poll

Obama edges ahead of Clinton in new poll

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In a big polling turnaround in the race for the White House the black senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, has now edged past Hillary Clinton in a poll on the Democratic nomination. This is only the second time that Obama has enjoyed such a poll lead.

In the survey Obama is ahead of Clinton by a single percentage point, 30%-29%, if the contest includes former vice president turned Oscar winner, Al Gore. However if Gore is not there the poll had Hillary ahead but only by one point

The Obama campaign said the survey undercuts what the Hillary people are saying that “she’s an [unconquerable] Juggernaut.”

This is only one poll and the latest Real Clear Politics average still has Clinton well ahead.

In the betting on the nomination the Clinton price eased a touch from evens. Obama is currently at 3.3/1.

Mike Smithson

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