Was this the moment Gord lost the next election?

Was this the moment Gord lost the next election?

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    It’s all change for my spread betting positions

Having just read many comments in the previous thread, watched on TV the excruciating embarrassment of Gord’s late arrival in Lisbon for his solo treaty signing, and had a half hour phone conversation with a long-standing friend who is a Labour loyalist and former constituency chair the question arises as to whether today might be a turning point.

For the message that’s coming through loud and clear is that Downing Street’s strategy for dealing with the Lisbon ceremony was a total flop and raised even more questions asked about Brown’s ability to do the job.

In my Labour friend’s words and not mine “Our leader has just made himself look a total laughing stock and this will be picked up across Europe. How can he expect to influence the EU when he can’t even get this bit right? Patience is running our amongst many of the activists I know and we need to start asking whether he should be replaced”

Methinks it’s time to reverse my Labour buy moves on the spread markets.

Mike Smithson

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