Tories take 13% lead in new ICM poll

Tories take 13% lead in new ICM poll


    The good news for the Tories – Part 3

After all the discussions over whether the weekend YouGov poll with the 16% lead was an outlier there’s more confirmation this evening that there has been a marked shift to Cameron’s party.

The March ICM poll for the Guardian, just out gives the following shares with changes on the survey that appeared yesterday – CON 42% (+2): LAB 29% (-2): LD 21% (+1)

The poll was carried out over the weekend and according to the paper takes the Conservative to levels it has not since since 1987.

On these voting shares the Tories could look forward to a Commons majority of 60 plus.

Over the past few days there has been a lot of coverage for the party and Cameron with the Spring Conference and his having the TV cameras in his home.

    This underlines the point I often make – there is a close correlation between the amount of coverage Cameron gets and his party’s ratings.

Coming on top of the YouGov survey yesterday and this evening’s London Mayoral poll showing Boris 12% ahead Labour have had a pretty bloody few days.

Mike Smithson

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