Will we ever learn to love the Tories?

Will we ever learn to love the Tories?


    Look at the “Dismayed – Delighted” figures

There’s now the full detail from this morning’s YouGov poll and I have extracted the above responses which I find interesting.

Thus on the forced choice question Cameron now has a comfortable lead and the Lib Dem supporters questioned are almost neck and neck.

The next question “Suppose a Conservative Government were formed under David Cameron which of these three statements would come nearest your own reaction?” provides a note of warning to the Tories. The 22% – 32% “delighted-dismayed” split is not that encouraging. Notice that only three out of five Tory voters put themselves in the delighted category.

The final one of the three “Which party do you think is more likely to run Britain’s economy well – the Conservatives or the Labour Party?” is now showing a distinct Tory margin and might be a good pointer.

The spread markets have reacted to the poll with a three seat jump in the Tory position.


There will be no Sean Fear slot today. He is otherwise engaged.

Mike Smithson

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