Has Harriet conceded that London is lost?

Has Harriet conceded that London is lost?

    Is this bad news for Ken?

After reading Stehert’s comment on the previous thread I’ve just watched the GMTV morning news when it looked as though the Labour Deputy Leader, Harriet Harman, was conceding defeat in London.

When pressed on the Mayoral race she said that she “did not expect the London result to be any different to the rest of the country.”

Certainly there’s been a lot of Tory celebrations and I was amazed that ConservativeHome was ready to call it for the party just after the polls closed last night.

We have not seen any hard numbers but the general impression is that there were signgicant increases in turnout in the out London Tory controlled boroughs.

Latest Mayoral betting is here.

Mike Smithson

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