When will the new media be given the green light?

When will the new media be given the green light?

Why Linford’s right about bloggers in the lobby

The former Westminster journalist and now leading blogger, Paul Linford, is stepping up his calls for members of the new media, bloggers, to be allowed into the lobby.

He notes: “…what we must now call the Big Five political blogs are, by virtue of their size, influence, and networks, practically part of the mainstream media already. They are, in no particular order, Iain Dale’s Diary, Guido Fawkes, Political Betting, Conservative Home and the most recent newcomer to the elite, Liberal Conspiracy. In my view, all should be in the lobby.”

The convergence with the mainstream media has taken on a new dimension with the move by my friend Jonathan Isaby from the Daily Telegraph to ConservativeHome. I don’t know whether Jonathan will be applying for membership but it could set the precedent.

Since giving up my day job to concentrate on PB I’m now a full-time political journalist and whenever I am invited to Westminster for one reason or another I find it an illuminating experience. I always come away with ideas and insights which are reflected here.

It’s all been made more complicated by the fact that a number of members of the lobby now run or contribute to successful blogs themselves. Just look at Ben Brogan’s, Adam Boulton’s, Kevin Maguire’s, the Spectator CoffeeHouse and what’s now on my “must read” list John Rentoul in the Indy’s “Open House”.

The Lobby chair, Ben Brogan, has recently been quoted as saying that the issue is being discussed but the Commons authorities are “very reluctant to start issuing passes to new media outlets.”

Let’s hope that’s there is some movement.

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Mike Smithson

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