Phil Woolas – “appointed to EdM’s front-bench team!!!”

Phil Woolas – “appointed to EdM’s front-bench team!!!”

Is this the new leader’s first big mistake?

News is just coming through that Ed Miliband has made the controversial Oldham East and Saddleworth MP, Phil Woolas, a member of his shadow ministerial team for the Home Office.

Woolas, of course, is waiting for the verdict of the court hearing into the way he conducted the election campaign.

Maybe they’ve had an indication that the court will find in the MP’s favour? Who knows but the evidence that came up about “seeking to get white folk angry” hardly reflected well on Labour.

Even if Woolas is cleared what sort of message does this send out about EdM’s approach to this ultra-sensitive area? And what does it say about possible future relations with the Lib Dems?

Mike Smithson

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